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Are you ready to prosper in your career?

Get the career you want now.

I’m Yssis Trosper, I founded this career and business consulting firm to equip recent graduates, veterans, and seasoned job seekers with the necessary tools to advance their careers. Through professional development Trosper Consulting provides all clients with practical career guidance. It is essential that we identify your strengths, and marketable qualifications needed to position yourself to become the ideal candidate. 


Trosper Consulting LLC, caters to all job situations, skill sets, and levels of experience. Explore the services. Let’s tell your professional story and elevate your career today!

Career development services are tax deductible. Invest in yourself!

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Let's Get You Hired

Are you


  • Getting that promotion or new job offer

  • Negotiating package deals (salary, benefits, etc.)

  • Preparing you for interviews

  • Networking and career coaching

  • Standing out as a subject matter expert

  • Re-entering the workforce

  • Finding your purpose

We can customize a career path just for you.
Let us assist you with:



- Josh K.

I found a job announcement for a position I was interested in, however it was closing soon. I emailed Yssis, asking if she would be able to assist me. I received my resumé in 12 hours. Thank you for the fast delivery!

- Josh K.


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